2016-17 Fully Guided Gun Hunts

5 Day Shotgun Season -- 11/28 to 12/2

2 Day Gun Season -- 12/17 to 12/18

4 Day Muzzleloader Season -- 1/7 to 1/10

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With over 5,000 acres available to gun hunt, the opportunity to harvest a monster buck is outstanding.
There is a 130-inch minimum on these hunts with a penalty fee. We also encourage the harvest of does.

First gun season is a 5 or 7 day hunt, second gun season is a 2 day hunt, and our muzzleloader season
is a 4 day hunt. Bucks are usually hammering our brassica plots and corn during our muzzleloader
season -- trying to get fattened up for Winter.

All gun hunts will be 3 or 4 hunters per guide.

**There is a $750.00 penalty fee for any buck taken under 130"

** On these hunts, your guide does not sit with you on stand. Your guide will decide where you
hunt and will transport you to and from our pre-hung stands. You will be in radio contact with
your guide and can coordinate ahead of time as well on pick up times.**