Sunfish Valley Turkey Hunts -- 4/23/18 to 5/6/18

South Central Ohio is literally crawling with the Eastern species of the wild turkey.
Hunters are allowed to harvest two birds during the spring season in Ohio. Our
turkey population is as high as it's ever been -- but that doesn't mean they aren't
challenging or fun to hunt.

Semi-Guided Hunts -- Our Most Popular Option
For the more experienced, spring gobbler hunter we offer semi-guided hunts. We will
show you several tracts of property to hunt and one of our guides will give you
pointers, roost sites, etc.

Cost is $150.00 per day for one hunter or $125.00 per day for 2+ hunters

*Does not include lodging or meals (lodging can be added for an additional fee and
depends on the number of hunters)

Fully guided
We offer fully guided turkey hunts as well. The fully guided hunts are a great way
not only to harvest a turkey, but also a great way to learn the basics of spring gobbler
hunting. Our guides are willing to share their years of turkey hunting experience with
you, and if you are a novice, their experience can really shortcut the learning process
for you. It’s also a great way for the hunter who has a limited amount of time
available to have the best chance of harvesting a big tom.

Cost is $250.00 per day

*Does not include lodging or meals (lodging can be added for an additional fee)

Click HERE for contact info to book your turkey hunt.