2019-20 Fully Guided Archery Hunts on 10,000+ Acres

Season runs from 9/28/18 to 2/2/98

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Bow Hunting Only Property
Fully Guided 5 Day Hunt

With over 10,000 acres of trophy-managed, bow hunting only property in southern Ohio, we offer
the hardcore, serious bow hunter a legitimate chance to harvest a trophy whitetail.  These properties
are a mixture of prime mid-west cropland and timber that are enhanced by our food plots,
supplemental feeders, and mineral licks.

We run cameras on all of our property during bow season and will hunt where we are getting the
best pictures -- including our gun properties. However, we do not gun hunt our bow only properties.

We maintain sanctuary areas on these properties to insure the deer are not pressured off the
properties. The properties are intensely scouted year round.

There is a 130" minimum on these hunts with a penalty fee of $1,000.00

The maximum number of hunters allowed during any bow hunt period is 24 hunters! That's still
only 24 hunters on over 15,000 acres -- no other outfitter in the midwest even comes close to that!  
We will not over hunt our properties!

These hunts are 3 or 4 hunters per guide.

We do have a "Draw Blood" Policy in effect. If you draw blood on an animal then that is
considered your deer and your hunt is over. Rest assured, every effort will be made to recover your

** On these hunts, your guide does not sit with you on stand. Your guide will decide where you
hunt and will transport you to and from our pre-hung stands. You will be in radio contact with your
guide and can coordinate ahead of time as well on pick up times.**