About Us

Sunfish Valley Whitetails is located in south central Ohio, in the counties of Pike, Adams, Highland,
Ross and Scioto. The majority of the property we are currently using is in western Pike County. We
own over 15,000 acres of land in south central Ohio. We are based in the small town of Latham, OH.
We are a family owned business and began our operation in 2007.

It is our desire to offer a top quality experience for every hunter that books a hunt with us. We believe
that you should be involved in the decision making process during your hunt, and by keeping the number
of hunters low, that allows us to work with each hunter on a individual basis to give you the quality hunt
you are looking for! We cannot promise you that you will harvest a deer, but we can promise you that
we will work with every hunter, to get them an opportunity to harvest a monster!

Our property is located in an area known as the Fertile Crescent, where the western edge of the
Appalachian Mountain joins the mid-west plains. Most of our property is mountain timber with crop
fields and food plots in the valleys. We also provide our deer herd with mineral licks and supplemental
feeding when they need it the most. Growing quality whitetail bucks comes from producing healthy
whitetail fawns, and giving them a chance to grow up and reach their full potential!

Sunfish Valley Whitetails Facts

•        We are in the big woods of South Central Ohio.  Although each of our guided properties has
agricultural fields (normally a combination of beans and corn but sometimes one or the other with crop
rotation each year) our hunting strategies after the first two weeks of season are predominately acorn

•        We plant several acres of food plots each year including alfalfa, clover, chicory, brassicas, oats,
beans, corn, sorghum, and combo mixtures.  We normally use Frigid Forage products as our food plot

•        Although we had a good success rate last year and our opportunity rate was the highest we’ve
ever posted, we had an unbelievable amount of missed opportunities for various reasons.  Hunting the
big woods is very different than hunting any other terrain.  It is sometimes difficult to get on deer without
them knowing you’re there.  Some of our best areas aren’t terribly easy to access and may require a long
walk or ride up, down, or through in order to keep from bumping deer.  

•        Our most successful hunters are the ones who work with their guides and communicate honestly
and who put in the time.  We have had some very good hunters who worked hard and put in their time
go home without a deer but in most cases the hunters left knowing that we did all we could do.  

•        We work relentlessly during the summer to get our pre-rut stands in the best places.  Our rut
stands are marked in late winter each year.  For the most part we have a good idea of what our deer will
do under normal circumstances.  However, to be a successful hunter in our area the hunter and guide
have to be very flexible and willing to move to get/stay on deer.  Our most successful hunters are those
hunters who are willing to use a climber.  Obviously a climbing stand isn’t necessary.  However, it may
be necessary to move just a few dozen yards either way to get an advantage on a big deer.  We try to
intrude as little as possible when we’re dealing with mature deer, especially ones who we know won’t
stand pressure.

•        We obviously cannot guarantee that every hunter will kill or even have an opportunity at a P&Y
deer.  Our track record over the past 7 years does show that our hunters have had very good opportunity
rates on P&Y deer.  There are some things we can’t control.  However, we can guarantee excellent
lodging and food, and competent, hard-working guides that will do their best to get each hunter on
quality deer.  We have very high expectations for our guides and we believe that we have very
competent, experienced guides who have our hunters’ best interests first and foremost.  We evaluate our
guides based on hunter feedback.  It doesn’t matter how good we think a guide is -- what matters is how
his hunters feel about his effort and competence.  We know that our accommodations and service in all
areas are the keys to high re-booking rates.